Speakers confirmed so far, in alphabetical order, are:-

Panel Debate (opening):

  • Mike Cladingbowl @mcladingbowl – National Director for School Reform, Ofsted (until Jan 2015).
  • Kevin Courtney @cyclingkev Deputy Secretary General of the NUT.
  • Debra Kidd @debrakidd -Chair.
  • Laura McInerney @miss_mcinerney – Journalist and Deputy Editor of Schools Week
  • Fiona Millar @schooltruth -Writer, journalist and campaigner
  • Jonathan Simons @PXEducation – Director of Education – Policy Exchange

Afternoon debate:

  • Mary Bousted @MaryBoustedATL
  • Sean Harford @HarfordSean
  • Ann Mroz @AnnMroz

Sean (National Director of Education at Ofsted) and Mary (Secretary General of the ATL) will debate whether or not Ofsted really is to blame for the problems schools face. The debate will be chaired by Ann Mroz, editor of the Times Educational Supplement.

Final Shindig:

Guest musicians…. plus

Hywel Roberts, Mick Waters and David Cameron in a Northern England v Scots face off that can only end in tears (of laughter).

David Cameron @realdcameron – is a popular speaker, a Trustee of the Children’s Parliament and member of the implementation board for the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. (And legend).

Hywel Roberts @Hywel_Roberts – Travelling teacher and author of “Oops – Helping Children to Learn Accidentally.”

Mick Waters – Professor at Wolverhampton University, former Director for Curriculum at QCA and author of “Thinking Allowed”

Running Workshops:

1. Amjad Ali @ASTsupportAali – AST and Assistant Headteacher and Founder of Cheney Agility Toolkit

2. Alastair Arnott with Mick Waters @Alastair_Arnott – Alistair is the author of ‘Positive Psychology’ and Mick former Director for Curriculum at QCA and author of Thinking Allowed on Schooling.

3. Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist – Teacher and author of ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’.

4. Lisa Jane Ashes @LisaJaneAshes Teacher and author of ‘Manglish’ – Maths and English across the curriculum.

5. Melissa Benn @Melissa_Benn – Journalist, campaigner and author of “School Wars’ ‘What Should we Tell our Daughters?’ (and more…)

6. Tait Coles @totallywired77 – Science teacher and author of “Never Mind the Inspectors – Punk Learning”.

7. Dr. Megan Crawford @DrMeganCrawford Director of the Plymouth Institute of Education and author of “Developing as an Educational Leader and Manager.

8. Cathy Cross with Jane Hewitt @Cathy_Cross @Jane271 – Den builders, photographers, teachers, writers and playmates.

9. Andy Day @AndyPhilipDay with Andy Knill @aknill – Teachers and enthusiastic advocates of Solo Taxonomy.

10. Rory Gallagher @Eddiekayshun – MFL teacher with great ideas.

11. Mark Healy @cijane02 – Psychology teacher with tours in International schools (currently in the UK).

12. Chris Waugh  @Edutronic_net Chris is the brilliant Head of English at The Nautical School with a passion for designing courses that give children choice over their curriculum. He is the founder of Blogsync.

13. Martin Illingworth @Martinllingwor – Senior Lecturer in English Education.

14. Nina Jackson @Musicmind – Music whizz and author of the “Little Book of Music for the Classroom” and “Dear Nina”.

15. Di Leedham @DiLeed – An outspoken and passionate teacher, Di will explore ways of teaching pupils with EAL.

16. Stephen Logan @Stephen_Logan Assistant Headteacher, passionate about Enterprise.

17. Richard Keiran @rkieranwith Lisa Hinton Richard and Lisa are Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher at Woodrow primary school where they teach 60% of the timetable through Mantle of the Expert.

18. Tim Taylor @imagine-inquiry  Tim is a former AST and a national trainer for Mantle of the Expert – a drama pedagogy that puts children in the driving seat. He is currently working on a book on how to teach through Mantle.

19. Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt – Ofsted inspector with a heart.

20. Alison Peacock @AlisonMPeacock – Alison is a Dame – a proper one not a pantomime character. She is a Head Teacher, adviser to governments of all colours and the founder of ‘Beyond Levels’ helping schools to assess meaningfully.

21. Dr Jo Pearson Jo is director of a teaching school alliance in Yorkshire and former Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan. Without her, Northern Rocks would never have got going.

22. David Peck @DeeePeck – Former Head Teacher and CEO of The Curriculum Foundation.

23. Alex Quigley @HuntingEnglish – Teacher, Head of Research at Huntingdon School and author of “Teach Now! Becoming a great English Teacher.”

24. John Rainer with Geoff Smith and Neil Phillipson – John, Geoff and Neil are passionate about Drama in Education and the impact it has on learning. John leads the Drama PGCE at MMU, Geoff is Head of Drama in a Secondary School and Neil is a former Science teacher, now consultant.

25. Howard Stevenson @hstevenson10 – Department of Education, Nottingham University.

26. Jon Tait @TeamTait – AHT and passionate user of Flipped Learning.

27. Stephen Tierney @LeadingLearner – Executive Head Teacher and Co-Chair of the SSAT Vision 2040 group.

28. John Tomsett @JohnTomsett – Head Teacher and author of “This much I know about Love over Fear.”

29. David Weston @informed_edu – Former teacher and Founder of the Teacher Development Trust.

30. Dave Whitaker @DavidWhitaker246 -Executive Head Teacher in schools for children with profound behavioural needs.

31. Phil Wood @geogphil – Senior Lecturer in Education – Leicester University and explorer of Lesson Study.

32. Dave Herberts and Drew Rowlands – CAPE UK. Passionate advocates of Arts in Education.

At the end of the day there will be an opportunity for networking and chatting over a glass of wine.


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